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4 Common Problems with Garbage Disposal Systems

Plumberstives Garbage Disposal Unit

Problems are always present to our amenities that are lack of maintenance. For instance, our garbage disposal behaves in an unexplainable manner sometimes. With this, it’s important for us to check and repair minor problems immediately for us to avoid common issues experienced by our unit. What are those? Here are the following:
Garbage disposal is jammed

Our unit is the amenity that is used to grind all of our leftovers before it reaches to our pipe system. However, because of those food particles that got stuck in the unit, it causes the garbage disposal to jammed and malfunction. In using your amenity, there is specific food that shouldn’t reach the unit due to its hard material or because it’s full of grease. Food such as bones, avocado leaves, egg shells, banana peels and coffee granules. It would be best for the aforementioned to be disposed in your garbage can instead of letting your disposal unit deal with it.
Moreover, some other reason that results in a jammed unit is by overloading the unit with leftovers. Homeowners tend to commit this mistake when they’re in a hurry. A way to repair the jam is to insert a wrench in the small hole that is located in the central part of the unit. Afterwards, try to turn the shredders of the unit back and forth. If ever find a socket at the lower part, shut down the power supply and insert a map or a plunger’s handle into the unit’s opening. Turn it back and forth until it’s no longer jammed. Lastly, turn on your unit and see if it’s still jammed.
The unit won’t turn on

Most of the time, the unit won’t turn is because of some electrical complications. With that being said, the first that you have to do is to find the fuse box or the circuit breaker. If you have already found it and see that there are problems with it, locate the unit’s reset button. If the button already popped, this indicates that you have been using the disposal unit for a while or there is a jam issue.
The initial you have to take is to remove the cause of the jam before you press the reset button. If you think it didn’t work, this means that there is an issue with the unit’s motor that should be inspected or replaced immediately.

If you notice some water seeping out , try to inspect first the connection of the drain. For those leaks that are found in the drain pipe, you will have to replace its rubber and ensure that it’s tightly connected. However, for those leaks that come from the unit itself, plumbers usually suggest to replace your garbage disposal.
Disturbing noises coming from the unit

When you hear such noises while your garbage disposal is in the middle of its operation, this might indicate that might accidentally flush down bones or even metals within the unit. To stop the noises, you need to shut down the unit and by using either a pliers or a tong, try to remove all those bones and metals. Always remember that in doing this, don’t put your hands within the unit to avoid accidents.