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6 Facile Drain Cleaning Procedures

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Food, grease and fat build-ups or other foreign objects are the usual causes on why your drains are blocked. Focusing of chemical based cleaners during drain cleaning processes will make the problem even worse instead of solving them. But you don’t need to worry, lots of drain cleaning procedures are available in case you start noticing the red flags for blocked drains. These processes will be helpful so you will no longer need the aid of a plumbing expert. Here are the six drain cleaning processes you can use:

  • Bent wire hanger

It sounds unbelievable yet effective. You’ll simply need a wire hanger and you’ll have to straighten it. After straightening, bend one end to create a hook. You can now start inserting this into your blocked drain and start fishing for items and obstructions. The hook may be able to bring blocked items up to give you an idea on what causes the obstruction.

  • Baking soda and vinegar

When a mixture of baking soda and vinegar are poured down the drain would create a fixing action. This will remove the gunk, hair, grease, fat, grime and dirt that have been accumulated in your pipe walls. You can let it set for an hour or even all throughout the night. Flush it out with hot water afterwards to ensure that the removed particles are completely drained.

  • Wet and dry vacuum

Wet and dry vacuum are usually used in shops; however, they can be a very effective drain cleaning tool as well. You can cover the vent to avoid making a mess during the process and create a tight seal to ensure an effective vacuum. Utilising a plunger head may be helpful to remove the accumulations within the pipe.

  • Hot water

Pouring hot water into your drains occasionally is the easiest way to maintain your drains. However, this can be a very effective way to clean your drains because it can soften, melt and remove grease and fat accumulations that have cooled into your drains. Flushing them with cold water afterwards can also be helpful in completely getting rid of the fatty substances.

  • Caustic soda

Before using this product, you might want to grab some gloves, mask goggles or even cover-all because it always causes nasty burns. And if it can cause burns to you, then it can cause the same effect to accumulations as well. Pouring it into a blocked drain and letting it sit for at least 20 minutes would certainly remove gunk and dirt within the system.

  • Water jetting

Water jetting your pipes  among all the drain cleaning processes, is the most effective one. This equipment uses large amount of water and the high-water pressure it uses can surely remove all the possible accumulations and dirt within the system. This process can make your pipe as good as new and will help your pipe regain its structural performance and integrity. Aside from that, this is environment-friendly, which is, in the end, the most important consideration of all. You can water jet your pipes occasionally to ensure they don’t encounter obstructions or blockages.