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6 Ways to Naturally Deodorise Putrid Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

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Garbage disposal is a piece of simple appliance you installed in your home’s kitchen. This has been helpful to you in breaking down food leftovers and in cleaning your sink because it is in your kitchen where you prepare your food every day. Thus, kitchen should be always kept clean and pleasant. But if you don’t maintain your garbage disposal, it will ruin the ambience of your kitchen. The stinky smell it releases will ruin your appetite and enthusiasm, so it is best to keep it fragrant and scented by using this following DIY deodorization processes.

  • Water and Dishwashing Soap

The most common way of deodorizing your kitchen sink garbage disposal is water and dishwashing soap. Most homeowners deodorize their garbage disposal unit by using dishwashing soap, streaming it down the unit and rinsing it with water.

  • Ice and Salt

The next best thing you can use to remove that unpleasant smell coming from your garbage disposal is ice and salt. These home products will help remove the food that are attached and pinned on your garbage disposal. The ice will serve as the sharpener to sharpen the blades, helping it to be more efficient in breaking down food particles while the salt will act as the disinfectant. It will sanitize your garbage disposal, making it free from all odour-causing bacteria.

  • Citrus peels

When you got spoiling citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit, it will be best if you use it as your garbage disposal disinfectant rather than throwing them away. It is best for disinfecting the blades, walls and the whole mechanism. Aside from that, the next time you cook, it will restraint from all food smells just how it releases fruity citrus smell in your kitchen.

  • Vinegar Ice Cubes (with citrus)

This time, you make vinegar ice cubes with citrus fruits. Vinegar has naturally high acidity which is effective in killing bacteria and germs that causes the stinky smell of your garbage disposal. The citrus helps in the deodorization too and its being and ice cube itself sharpens the blades. You’ve got a combination of natural deodorizers in one ice cube which makes it more effective and potent.

  • Baking Soda

You might have tried using baking soda to deodorize your fridge and even your underarm. If it worked there, then it will work on your garbage disposal i bet. Just pour baking soda on your kitchen sink and flush it down with water. The bicarbonate content of baking soda is the one that deodorizes your garbage disposal.

  • Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you want your deodorization to be more effective, combine baking soda and vinegar. Place some baking soda in your sink garbage disposal and flush it down with vinegar. The baking soda neutralizes the odour and the vinegar will serve as your disinfectant as it kills bacteria and germs in your garbage disposal due to its high acidity. This will slacken any pinned particles in your garbage disposal as well, to hinder it from creating a nasty smell.