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How to Keep Clog Free Drains

Drains are possibly the biggest nuisance with regards to plumbing in your home. They are the ones that act up more frequently than any other piping in the system you could have. However, the blame does not entirely lie on the unreliability of your drainage but rather on you and what you push inside them and what you do to make sure that they don’t act up. You can keep your drainage system clog free and save up on having to call the plumber every time it blocks in very simple and easy ways on how to maintain clean drains.


The first step is to know what caused the drainage to block and try to keep it as far away from it as possible. Soap scum, coffee cooking grease grounds and hair are the major drainage foes that you might not have known. You would argue that they are not big enough but overtime, they accumulate and cause major problems. Using a drainage-grate or a screen to cover the top of the drainage will play a big role in keeping some of these things like hair away.


Furthermore you could make sure that you pour boiling water down the drain once in a while. This will go along away in melting some of the deposits. Alternatively, you could also use bleach for the same purpose. However, with this option, make sure that you spray the sink with plenty of water afterwards but make sure you don’t use this if you have recently cleaned the sink with a product container ammonia. You can also throw in a good amount of baking soda and flush it down with boiling water. The baking soda will not only clean but it will also help to absorb some of the foul smell.


If you have already fallen victim to these clog factors, and your sink is already blocked, you could start by using lye. It is the active ingredient in most of the popular drain cleaners bought from stores. It does an incredible job in dissolving soap scum and even hair within a snap of the fingers. It would also be very helpful to have a plunger in sight. This is very important in helping give some of the clog a much needed push to their destination and freeing your sink. You don’t have to suffer from blocked drainages anymore. Follow these simple tips on how to maintain clean drains and this will be a thing of the past.