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Plumbing Clogged Bathroom Sink Help

So many household substances and products go down the bathroom sink. Depending on your lifestyle, they can range from hair, toothpaste, shaving cream and many other debris. The combination of all these substances leads to the clogging of your bathroom sink. Due to the mess and inconvenience that is accompanied with a blocked bathroom sink, there is need to clear and repair it immediately. Here are some of the main plumbing methods that can help you unclog your bathroom sink:

Vinegar and baking powder method

This is a very effective method when unclogging a bathroom sink

Mix a half cup of vinegar and baking powder and immediately pour it down the drain of your sink.

Cover the opening of the sink and wait for about one hour or even overnight if you can.

Pour hot water down the drain to clear out any remaining substances.

This mixture will help to flush out any substances that may be causing the clog; do not use cold water.

Plunger Method

This method is more useful is you have not been noticing the slow drainage and the clog is newly formed.

Buy a small plunger that is designed to unclog bathroom sinks; they have smaller rubber cups and shorter handles.

Fill the bathroom sing half way with water, place the plunger on the opening of the sink, and pump it in and out. Pump for a few minutes and then pull it out.

The sink will unclog and water will rush out.

The coat hanger method

This method is very effective in unclogging bathroom sink.

Straighten out one of your coat hanger and for a small form on one of its end

Shine a light into the drain of the sink and look for hair lumps or any other debris causing the clog. Take care not to push the garbage downwards.

For more effective results, use this method together with a plunger; the plunger will help bring the clog in sight and the coat hanger hook will remove it more easily.