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10 Effortless Steps to Clean Removable Shower Heads

Steps to Clean Removable Shower Heads

Excessive usage of the shower head without regular cleaning could accumulate mineral deposits in its tiny holes. With this, there is a higher chance of having an uneven spraying from your shower head since the tiny holes are blocked. By this means, it is indeed necessary for you to wash these mineral deposits out for the water to flow freely. You actually don’t need to worry much since the materials that will be used can be found in your kitchen. To help you knock out these deposits, here are some facile procedures in cleaning removable shower heads.

Prepare the materials.

Before anything, you must prepare the materials that you will need in cleaning your shower head. Materials needed for this procedure are: a container that’s big enough to fit the shower head, distilled white vinegar, a used toothbrush and a soft cloth.

Remove the shower head.

After preparing the materials, remove the shower head by simply twisting it counter clockwise. You can use an old rag to wrap it around the connecting nut then twist it by the use of a wrench.

Place it in the container.

In choosing a container, you can have a small container where the shower head can perfectly fit so you will be able to use less vinegar.

Fill the container.

Fill the container with vinegar enough to cover the shower head. The vinegar has acids which can help in dissolving white mineral deposits present in the shower head.

Soak it with vinegar.

Leave the shower head soaking in the container for about 30 minutes or overnight. It would be necessary for you to leave it soaking longer in the vinegar when the shower head is too soiled. For quick procedures, you can put it on the stove and let the vinegar boil for 15 minutes. This is only possible for shower heads made of metal. For shower heads made of gold or nickel finish or is made of brass, you remove it from the stove after 30 minutes.

Rinse it.

After soaking it for quite some time, you can now take the shower head out of the container to rinse it. While rinsing it, you can observe mineral deposits from the shower head peeling off.

Brush it.

Brush any debris left away by the use of the used toothbrush. You can start on the base where there are holes since most mineral build ups are located here. Brush over any scum then wash it with cool water. Repeat procedure until all of the residues is removed.

Polish it.

In polishing the shower head, use a soft cloth or a microfibre cloth. Wipe the shower head gently until there are no water spots or is completely dry.

Put it back.

Before doing so, you need to wrap a plumbing tape around the threaded part of the wall pipe in a counter clockwise direction. After, you can now attach the shower head back to the wall pipe.

Turn on the water.

By simply turning the water on for a few moment, it can help in washing out residues left in the shower head.