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3 FAQs about High Water Pressure

water-pressureMany would think that high water pressure makes everything faster and convenient. On the other hand, few only knew what damages it brings to the entire plumbing system. With that being said, you may already have questions with regards to the subject, what is the cause, effect and the ways in order to mend the predicament. When you have high water pressure at home, don’t let it last long, for the problems it will cause will be a complete nuisance to your household. Also, if left unattended, repairing the issue will be costly. In this article, it presents the frequently asked questions pertinent to high water pressure:

How can you detect high water pressure?

People should know that there are several warning signs that your plumbing system gives in in order for you to find out that there is a problem with it. The following are some signs of water pressure issues:

• Dripping taps

• Running toilets

• Droplets coming out from shower heads even after using it

• Spitting of water coming from the aerator when it’s twisted on

• Your plumbing fixtures have shorter lifespan than they typically set to have

• Hearing banging noises when the pipe is either turned on or off

What are the possible risks?

Since there are already several reports regarding areas which experience drought at a certain time of the year, it would be best not just for every community but also to the environment distant from us to conserve and take care of the minimal volume of fresh water available. When water pressure begins to flow, water seeps and oozes out from the plumbing system and fixtures such as taps, toilets and showers, the water will be totally wasted. If homeowners tend to neglect this kind of situation, it may result in environmental imbalance and high water bill even without consuming the water. Furthermore, excessive water pressure will gradually wear off the body of the pipe until collapses and deteriorates that results to a series of pipe issues. Typically, this effect is known as the hammer effect. The aforementioned is noticeable when you hear a disturbing sound as the pressure makes contact with the valve.

What are the possible repair methods?

After ensuring that the disturbing noises produced by your plumbing pipes after turning the fixture on or off are caused by too much pressure, the next thing that you need to do is to locate a leak and seal it thoroughly or have them replaced with a new one. After doing this, the plumber will have a mandatory system evaluation and conclude if the pipe system needs and is able to support a pressure regulator to dwindle the damage to the pipe and building caused by the excessive pressure. For some cases where you experience high water pressure, there are two things that you can do, either turn off the supply until the issue is already repaired or install a pressure regulator on the pipeline links your shower heads and taps to the supply main. These two options are a great help when the problem is coming from community supply provider. Furthermore, it would also be best to seek professional help.