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3 Tips To Avert Blocked Toilets

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There can be a lot of problems we face when it comes to our toilet being blocked. Which is considered to be the most common problem when we talk about toilet issues. Most of the time, the problem can be fixed easily without even the help of a plumber. Even if repairing the problem isn’t that complicated, it can still become a big mess. For homeowners who wants to lessen the chances of blocked toilets or just wants to avert it, here are some tips for you:

  1. Be careful of what you flush down

Homeowners have this bad habit of flushing any kind of material they think could fit in the toilet. Isn’t it treating the toilet like a garbage can? Various non-soluble objects are flushed that causes blockages in the pipeline. Typically, floss, hair, wipes, sanitary napkins and tampons shouldn’t reach the toilet. People tend to do this since most of these items are labeled as “flushable”. Apparently, these items are literally flushable but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t cause harm to the pipe system. Since they’re non-soluble, it will just stay in the system and block the flow of water. Only toilet paper and human waste are allowed in the toilet. The latter can decompose and doesn’t obstruct the drain pipe. However, make sure to drain these items one at the time since a large lump of toilet part will take some time to disintegrate.

  1. Double-flush if necessary

There are instances that there’s too much human waste in the bowl. With this, the toilet couldn’t handle it. So, you may need to do a double flush. Doing this will surely push the waste further into the pipe system. However, if you see that instead of flushing, the water level in the bowl is rising, don’t flush the toilet anymore. Flushing it will only cause the water to rise further which will result in the toilet to overflow. Try to use a plunger in removing the blockage and if it doesn’t unblock it, call a registered plumber for assistance. This is an easy repair for plumbers since they have different equipment used to mend the problem.

  1. Have the sewer lines checked

There are instances that a blocked toilet isn’t caused by the toilet’s drain pipe. There’s a chance that the sewer line causes the problem to occur. If you have noticed that the problems reoccur despite removing the blockages and doing a maintenance, it’s confirmed that the sewer line is the culprit. If there’s a blocked sewer line, it can greatly affect the toilet due to its connection. There are many factors that result in an obstructed sewer line. It could be due to tree roots, collapsed sewer pipeline, FOG substances and blockages from toiletries. With these factors, it’s impossible to determine what causes the issue to occur. As it’s hard to choose what kind of repair method homeowners should use a sewer line inspection is highly suggested. An intensive inspection will help determine the cause of the blockage. Afterward, the plumbers can now assess the situation and create a plan on how to remove the blockages. Moreover, they will give certain tips to prevent your toilets to be blocked again.