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4 Common Problems with Garbage Disposal and Ways on How to Fix Them

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There is never a day gone by where we don’t have garbage. Every day, we eat food wrapped or packed inside disposable containers, we use things which we trash later on and we have food leftovers that we need to throw out. Since it has already been a constant practice, we always think of ways on how to dispose of our garbage and keep what we throw in our trash bins to a minimal as our way of helping our environment. To some, doing this is quite a hassle but thanks to the garbage disposal, this problem doesn’t cause us too much headache anymore.

Well, you can say that the garbage disposal is one the best inventions ever. It has given us a lot of help not only in minimizing the things we throw in our trash cans but also in maintaining cleanliness in our kitchens. However, just like any ordinary machinery, we also encounter problems with our garbage disposals which most of us probably don’t know how to deal with.

Here are five problems you might encounter with your garbage disposals and simple ways on how to fix each of them:

  • Jammed Disposal

A jammed garbage disposal is usually caused by some food and objects which you throw down your sink. Some food items and objects that you think are disposal-friendly are actually harmful for your disposal, so it is best to keep them away and stop throwing them down your sink. Avoid throwing down food items such as egg shells, corn husks, coffee grounds, banana peels, and avocado leaves. Also, be careful not to overload your disposal as this would also jam your unit.

In order to fix your jammed disposal, insert a wrench into the tiny socket hole found at the bottom centre part of the disposal, right underneath its motor. Using the wrench, turn the disposal’s shredder back and forth. If there is no socket at the bottom, turn off the power supply and insert a handle of a broom or a mop or a plunger maybe through the disposal’s opening. Turn the shredder back and forth using the handle until the disposal is jam-free. Then, turn the disposal back on.

  • Disposal won’t turn on

Mostly, this happens due to electrical problems. When encountering this, the first thing you need to do is check the circuit breakers or the fuse box first. If there is no problem with the power supply, then find the reset button of the disposal. Most disposals have a reset button attached at the bottom of the unit. If it has popped out, this usually indicates that there is a jam inside your disposal and you have left it running for quite too long. Clear the jam inside the disposal first by doing what was mentioned above then press the reset button. If still, it doesn’t turn on and there is no sound coming from it at all, that usually means that your unit’s motor has worn out and needs replacement.

  • Leaking Disposal

Once you encounter this, the initial thing you need to do is check on your drain connections first. If you find out that the leak comes from your drain pipe, just replace the rubber gasket and make sure everything is tight within the connections. But if the leak comes from the disposal’s body, then that means that you already need to replace it.

  • Unusual noises coming from disposal

This is usually caused by objects such as a piece of metal, glass and other inappropriate objects that have made its way inside the disposal. You can remove these objects but don’t forget to turn the power supply off first. Just a word of caution, don’t ever put your hands inside your garbage disposal or you’ll risk getting your hands and fingers amputated. Use tongs and pliers instead.

Some parts found inside the disposal could already be loose, worn out, or broken which could also be the reason why your disposal makes unusual noises when turned on. You can fix some of the broken parts, tighten the ones that have gone loose and replace those that are already worn out.