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7 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Disasters

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Plumbing is vital not only in companies but in residences as well. However, it can also cause tremendous headaches when disasters and issues occur. According to a study, plumbing disasters and problems are often experienced by property owners in Australia due to negligence and lack of awareness of plumbing system. To avoid these disasters and plumbing issues from occurring, consider the plumbing problem mitigation suggestions listed below:

Simple Measures in Preventing Plumbing Disasters


1. To avoid plumbing disasters, homeowners are advised to check their plumbing system periodically, like bathtub, sink, pipe lines and shower heads for possible signs of leaks. Regular checking of these fixtures is vital to discover plumbing breaches that could result to serious problems when unattended and delayed. This measure is easy and goes a long way in saving you hefty sums in plumbing repair and in lowering the water bill.

2. Closely pay attention on the potential plumbing hotspots such as shower, bathtubs and kitchen sinks. These are often the places where wear and tear often occurs as compared with the other fixtures that are rarely used.

3. Make sure that your sewer drains are not clogged. You can avoid drain clogging by avoiding throwing threads, grease, hair and other foreign hard objects on the drain. Keep in mind that threads, hair and other foreign debris can get stuck on the pipelines, thereby preventing the free flow of water in the water system. You can also install drain screen to filter these objects and prevent it from going down the drain.

4. Be sure to check for signs of leaks in your pipelines. This can be done by closely observing spaces where the pipelines are joined or installed. Whenever you see signs of moisture on these areas, even if the weather is very hot or dry, then have your plumbers check it out to prevent further damage on your properties and your plumbing system.

5. Be sure to determine the type of damage that you experience. This is very important as plumbers furnish diverse kinds of services and you have to know what problem you encounter so you can ask for the rightful help from them. Examples of these damages include blocked gutters, clogged toilets and etc. Identifying these issues will also help the plumber in fixing the problem immediately.

6. Make sure to check out how the water comes out from the faucet or the water pipes. Should you notice the continuous flow of water from these fixtures, then turn off the main water valve and call an emergency plumber right away. Don’t delay in addressing this particular problem as it can lead to huge damage on your property.

7. Lastly, be sure to jot down reliable, experienced and dependable plumbers whom you can call immediately should you need their services. Prior to the onset of any plumbing disasters and issues, make sure that you conduct prior investigation and research to know the professional plumbers whom you can count on in times of plumbing disasters and emergencies.

The tips and pointers showcased above are important so you can prevent further damage and problems in your property.