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Temporary Fixes to Leaking Pipes

Even the smallest leaks can seriously damage your house if it is taken for granted. However, due to the high likelihood of not being able to hire a plumber immediately when a leak happens, you may need to fix it yourself. Here are some quick, temporary fixes to leaks. These should do well to put the problem under control until you have gotten in touch with a plumber.

Plumbing Epoxy
A perfect way to get a leaking pipe fixed is by using plumbing epoxy. This is a substance that looks similar to moulding clay. When you use it to fix leaks, ensure that you have shut down the water main first so no water runs through the affected pipe. Once you have done this, take some amount of epoxy and knead it with your hands to loosen it and make it stick. After placing it over the hole or crack, let it sit for some minutes to harden it, then switch on the water to test the epoxy.

Rubber Wrap and Pipe Repair Clamp
To use this product, begin by drying the spots near the leak. Next, take a thin rubber piece (such as the inner tube of a bicycle) to wrap around the leak. Hold the rubber in place using electrical tape. Finally, fasten the clamp around the rubber and tape patch to secure the seal and create pressure.

Are you in a hurry to sort out the leak and do not have much time to get the materials stated above? Then get duct tape and wrap the leak with it. When wrapping the leak, make sure to switch off the water main first and dry the spots surrounding the leak. Also, ensure that you have the leak tightly wrapped to keep water from leaking.

Keep in mind that the above is the only quick fix that does not hold for a very long time. For this reason, make sure that you get in touch with a reliable and skilled plumber immediately afterwards.

Beer can
No, your eyes are not deceiving you. As many beer cans are made of tough aluminium, they can serve well as a temporary fix until the pipe is replaced.

To use the beer can as a temporary pipe fix, drink the contents first. Once you have downed the contents, cut the bottom and top portions of the can. Then cut down the middle.

Wrap the aluminium sheet around the section of pipe with a leak and cut off any excess. After cutting the sheet, apply caulk on it. This should help hold the sheet. Also, once it is dry, it will help keep any water from leaking to it. Lastly, secure the sheet with metal hose rings.

These are some temporary fixes to leaky pipes. Make sure to hire plumbing services after doing any of the steps above so you no longer have to worry about the temporary fix no longer working.