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Hot Water Problem? Plumber Darling Point can fix that in a breeze.

Hearing noises from your water heater tank? Put your mind at ease and have it checked by a professional plumber. At Plumber Darling Point, we ensure to deliver quick and reliable plumbing services using cutting edge technologies. Our hot water specialists are certified to handle all kinds of hot water problems.

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Hot Water in St Ives

Jamie lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, still waking up. He could hear running water, but he’d also been dreaming about a water park, filled with huge slides riddled with loops and bends and darkened tunnels. So perhaps he wasn’t completely with it? He lay there for a few moments longer before realising that he was now completely awake and whatever he was hearing was definitely real. Jamie climbed out of bed and padded down the hall, following the sound. He stopped in the kitchen and flicked on the light. Fluorescent lights reflected off clean surfaces and stainless steel appliances. It also reflected off the spreading pool of water. Jaime pulled open the cupboard beside the sink and couldn’t believe it. Water was spraying from his hot water system!
The local St Ives Plumber arrived early the next morning. Jamie had shut off water to his home and was eating cereal when the Plumber knocked. He showed the Neighbourhood Plumber to the crime scene and waited for the verdict. As it turned out, his hot water system had illegal connections. Jamie thought the concept was funny until the Plumber continued explaining. Due to safety, hot water systems were connected with copper piping. Flexible hoses, which were what had connected Jamie’s hot water tank, were dangerous. They weren’t made to withstand the pressure and constant temperature of a hot water system, and, after time, they wore away and burst, which was what had happened to Jamie. The Neighbourhood Plumber checked the tank itself and announced it was perfectly fine and other than the burst connection, was in good condition. After getting out his tools, the St Ives Plumber began work, removing the illegal connections and installing the correct copper piping. Before too long he was returning the water supply and testing the work he’d done. There were no leaks on the hot water service was working normally! Now Jamie could get ready for work!
If you have a problem with your hot water and don’t know who to call in St. Ives to fix it, contact your local Neighbourhood Plumber on 0488 886 309 and book an appointment today!

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