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6 Signs Validating the Need to Replace Your Water Heater

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Water heaters, because they are frequently used and utilised all year round, tend to last not longer than their expected service life span. However, they could also encounter trouble or even give up earlier than you expected due to some factors and reasons. Some of these troubles may be solved and repaired, however, some of them would be the reason you would need to replace your unit. To be able to solve your water heater complications immediately, it is advised that you constantly inspect your unit and be observant so you can immediately notice some signs that may indicate an undergoing trouble. To help you, here are some signs indicating that your water heater would soon need replacement:

Old age

Most of the water heater units sold in the plumbing market are expected to last from 10 to 15 years. Some of the units might still function even when they are already beyond their expected service life span. However, it might always encounter minor troubles and would require you to constantly repair them causing you little but constant expenses. It would be better to replace them than spending too much in the long run.

Hot water shortage

If your water heater unit gives off hot water in the beginning of your bath and immediately ceases, there might be an undergoing trouble. Though this is oftentimes caused by small water heater tank, this can indicate that your water heater is not in good condition. You may solve this on your own if you have the right tools and knowledge, however, it would be better if you call a professional to check the unit.


If you constantly notice a small pool of water around your water heater unit, there is a possibility that your unit is leaking. Small leaks might look simple but it could be a sign of a corrosion within the tank that eats out the walls causing the leak. If not replaced with a new tank, this could cause explosion especially when the tank can no longer handle the pressure within it.

Water appears dirty and metallic

Another indication for an undergoing corrosion within your water heater is the rusty and cloudy appearance of the hot water provided accompanied by its metallic smell. Corrosion within the unit might be already destroying the entire mechanism causing it to give up or even explode.

Temperature inconsistencies

If there are times that your hot water tap gives off hot water that is sometimes too cold and sometimes too hot, it might be because of a defective thermostat. Your water heater thermostat should be set in a safe range, specifically 120-140 °F. However, if the thermostat is set in a safe range and still gives off hot water with inconsistent temperature, then it might be time to let go of the old unit and replace it with a new one.

Rattling sound produced

In my case, when I hear that some of our electric-powered appliances rattles and bangs, I usually panic. This is because this is usually caused by loose nuts and components. When this happens to your water heater unit, there might be a problem within the unit that causes the rattling sound. If this is not given an immediate remedy, it might cause the unit to explode and turn your home into ashes.