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A Basic Guide When Repairing Leaky Water Heater Systems

water heater leak

Your water heater, believe it or not, is one of the most complicated amenities that compose your plumbing system. And when your water heater encounters troubles, you would need to repair it right away to avoid it from being linked to several complications that could lead to further damages that would demand costly repair procedures.

   Water heater leaks are one of these complications. These leaks can be either caused by factors ranging from loose components to the tank that is greatly influenced by corrosion. For you to check your water heater when it drips here are some tips to guide you.


Temperature and pressure relief valve are leaking

   Sometimes, you might be able to notice that the water drips from your pressure and temperature relief valve. The main duty of this valve is to free an amount of water especially when the system senses that the amount of pressure within the system is increasing and might cause and explosion especially when the tank expands too much because of this pressure. This excess pressure might be coming from the temperature of the tank that is set too high from what is considered regular. This can be either caused by some valves that reduce the pressure of the water that will not allow any tank expansion or by the supply pressure to your household that is too strong for your system to handle.

   But sometimes, this leak can be caused by a defective pressure and temperature relief valve which needs to be replaced right away. You can change this valve yourself by following the manual on how to replace a T&P valve. Be sure to do it well because this valve is required to be always functional and efficient in doing its job to avoid an explosion.


Water is spraying out from the pipe

   This is one of the possible problems your water heater might experience. And if this happens, you are required to immediately turn off the valve that controls the supply of water into your entire house. This is because it is definite that the problem might be located close to the area where the cold water pipe penetrates. You can find a valve on the pipe before the water heater unit that comes with a red handle. You would need to rotate this handle until completely turning off the supply. When the unit leaks, you would definitely need to turn off the water supply so you won’t waste too much water because of the leak. If there is no valve to turn off the water supply into the system, you can turn off the entire water supply of your home and turn it back on when the trouble is solved.


Condensation drips

   Condensation is a common occurrence especially when cold water fills up the tank. This can be the primary reason why condensation flows down from your tank. This happens on winter season or when the tank is refilled for the first. You can confirm that this is condensation when the water outside the tank vanishes when it gets warmer.

In case of your gas type water heaters, most of the times, the leak comes from the vent. You would need to expect for possible blockages in your vent. If blockages are confirmed, turn off the unit and try cleaning the flue to remove the blockage.


Water tank leaks

   Most of the time, when it comes to electric water heaters, leaks usually comes from the element gasket. In replacing the gasket, you need to turn the unit off first before draining all the water content of the tank until nothing is left. If you want to turn the water heater back on, make sure that the water supply is turned on too. You would need to run hot water on the unit as well to remove some air that came from the water heater tank. Failure to execute the aforementioned steps might damage your heating element and cause you greater expenses.


Water is dripping from the drain valve

       One of the troubles encountered by water heaters is the leaking on the drain valve. In some cases, you might be able to solve this by simply tightening the drain valve. But sometimes, homeowner discovers that the drain valve is defective after doing certain inspections. In this situation, all you can do is replace your drain valve so it won’t leak anymore.