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We all need to use water each day so that a number of different tasks can be accomplished, such as bathing, laundry, dishwashing, car washing, and gardening. Because water is generally only used once (except in a few cases), it must go down a drain (or the soil) right away, otherwise, micro-organisms may be allowed to thrive in places like the bathroom or kitchen. It is for this reason that a drain is almost always directly below where the water lands when a tap or shower is turned on.

To fully maximise the benefits of the drain, it is important for a home to keep it clear of dirt and rubbish. That means no tossing of food bits and trash. It also means flushing nothing else but human waste down the toilet. Doing otherwise causes the drains to get blocked, causing water to go down slower.

Fortunately, you can hire someone to dislodge the drains for you. However, there is another problem caused by the aforementioned habit, one that is harder to sort out: sewer blockage. As its name implies, it happens somewhere down the sewer line, and although it can be said that rubbish and debris accumulation can cause this, tree root intrusion is the main reason why it happens.

Signs your sewer may be completely blocked:

    • Every drain seems to run slowly

    • Neither plunger nor chemicals can clear the blockages

    • The toilet bowl water rises

    • An overflowing sewer gully

Although sewer pipes are made to last for a very long time (decades), there are factors that cause corrosions or cracks to appear on their surfaces, like the earth’s movement and pressure. A hole somewhere in the sewer line causes sewage to leak out, and this can cause the following to occur:

    • Lawn indentations

    • Parts of the property being flooded

    • Some areas of grass looking healthier

    • Some parts of the property remaining wet

    • Bad odours in several sections of the property

Tree roots (an extremely common cause of sewer blockages) can make their way into the sewer pipe, and once they have intruded the pipe, they will begin catching dirt and debris that passes through until they build up and block the pipe completely.

There are a couple of solutions to this:

    • Pipe cleaning using an electric eel

    • Pipe relining

The first solution requires the exact location of the problem to be found. The search for the debris buildup requires that parts of the property are dug up so the sewer line can be accessed. All sections are then checked, and once the problem is found, the electric eel (which is much like a plumbing snake), is then used to clear the pipe of the debris and roots.

It works, but does not address the eventual regrowth of roots in the pipe, making pipe relining a much better solution.

How pipe relining is performed:

    • We use a water jetter to clean the sewer line a little

    • We will then take a video of the sewer line interior to see how severe the problem is and where it is located

    • The high pressure drain cleaner is used again to completely clean the sewer line

    • The resin-coated fibreglass lining is set up, inflated in the pipe and left to cure for a couple of hours or so

    • A follow-up video inspection is conducted to ensure that the pipe relining process was performed successfully

Aside from preventing roots from growing in the pipe again, here are some other benefits of pipe relining:

    • There is no digging involved in this process, and for this reason, you need not worry about hiring someone to fix the landscaping afterwards

    • It can be finished in only a few hours and costs much less than more traditional pipe repair methods

    • Since the lining is made of fibreglass, it lasts several decades in the property, and its smoothness allows sewage to pass with ease. This further lessens the chances of blockage and backup.

    • Pipe relining can enhance the overall value of your property

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