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3 Reasons Why Homeowners Have Chosen Vitrified Clay Pipes

Plumberstives Vetrified Clay Pipes

For our homes, we always want the best to achieve convenient and healthy living while worrying less. And because of that, we always try to know and choose the best for your home and our plumbing system. This is for our plumbing facilities to last longer without encountering troubles, especially with our sewage system.

The lifespan of our sewage system actually depends on many things and that includes the durability of its components and what are they made of. This involves the types of pipes you used and their service lifespan. One of the pipes that most homeowners have been using for many years is the vitrified clay pipe (VCP). This pipe is created through the mixture of shale and clay that will undergo the process called vitrification. You might be wondering why most homeowners choose this type of sewer pipe. Well, in this article, we will be discussing the benefits of VCPs as sewer pipes.

Structural Integrity

The structural integrity is one of the major factors a homeowner should consider when choosing the best sewer pipe for their sewer system. Vitrified clay pipe may be one of the most favourable pipes because of its structural integrity. This pipe is made of hard materials making it very resistant against flattening or deflecting. It does not get damaged due to mishandling as well. Because of the many physical attributes this clay pipe has, its characteristics remains constant. However, to guarantee a high resistance against deflecting, make sure that the pipe is getting an extensive support from the compressed bedding upon installation.


It is always practical for homeowners to choose economical sewer pipes for their sewage system. However, the most common setbacks of choosing less expensive pipes are the fact that most of them are actually less durable and might easily deteriorate when already buried below the ground. When this happens, you would certainly have to spend your hard-earned dollars again to purchase new pipes to replace the damaged ones and as well as the installation process.

When your sewer pipes deteriorate immediately, the thing that makes replacements costly is the digging of the area to have an access to the damaged pipe and to be able to replace it with a new one. However, when you still use inexpensive pipes to replace them, you can’t be guaranteed that they would last longer. When you use vitrified clay pipes for your sewer system, you can assure yourself that they would still be functioning well even after 100 years of service because of the process it needs to undergo during manufacturing and its durability.

Corrosion Resistance

When you choose a pipe for your sanitary sewerage system, it is important to know their capacity and limitations. Select the pipe that is strong and tries to check the pipe’s resistance to the corrosive domain as well. Sanitary sewer pipes should be resistant to corrosion because chances are, when your pipes get affected by corrosion, it would certainly fail to do its job which is to convey wastes from households to sewage treatment plants.

One of the causes of corrosion is a hydrogen sulphide along with the spoiled egg odour that stinks. A chemical reaction within the sewer lines would certainly occur especially when the two mentioned elements get into the system. This has been considered to be the most corrosive among all the causes of corrosion.

Pipes vary not only with their strength, durability and advantages but they vary with their composition and the materials they are made of. And these various pipes have their own level of resistance against corrosion. Some of them easily deteriorate especially when exposed to sulphuric acid and abrasive substances. The good thing about vitrified clay pipes is that it has high resistance against any acid, aggressive soils and industrial wastes. Its walls are strong enough that it does not require any coating to protect it from corrosion.