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4 Main Causes of Sewer Line Clogging

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Perhaps one of the worst plumbing problems your will ever experience are clogged sewer lines. You probably have a stagnant sewer line if your bathroom fixtures(toilets, showerheads, and drains) produce bubbling sounds. Another sign of a blocked sewer line is when debris, wastes, and other items resurface from your toilet and drains after you’ve washed it down. So why does this bothersome complication occur? Find out now with the list below.

1.Using Toilets as a Garbage Can

Some people often throw their garbage into toilets which is not a good idea. Common things that are flushed in the toilet include tissues, hair, medicine, plastics, and diapers. At first, there might not be any major problems when disposing these items through the toilet, but eventually the sewer lines will clogged from all the wastes. There are products that claim to be ‘flushable’ like wipes, but regardless, it can still cause blockage to the pipe lines. So you really shouldn’t use your toilet as a garbage disposal, just place a trash can inside your bathroom.

2.Pipes have Been Overrun by Tree Roots

You need to be mindful when planting trees in your backyard, since its roots might try to invade your sewer line, especially if there are any leaks in the pipes. The roots love pipes because of the moisture and nourishment present around it.

Tree roots are even more widespread during warm season since it desperately seeks sustenance underground. If it finds your sewer line, it will wrap itself around the pipes and cause clogs. The worst case scenario is when the roots will grow larger and damage the internal structure of the pipes.

To avoid this, site your trees properly by placing it as far as you can from the sewer pipes. It would also help to creative underground barrier surround your pipes to protect from root intrusions.

3.Weak and Old Sewer Pipes

If the household as well as the pipeline system is old or really ancient then it might not be as sturdy as modern day pipe systems. It could be that the coating and metal structure of the pipe are corroding or weak, making it inefficient in disposing wastes. Since it can’t properly disperse, the debris and wastes will amass, obstructing the pipe system.

4.Solving the Problem

There may be some initial inspections you can do by yourself to check if if your sewer lines are clogged, but you need an expert plumber to confirm the notion since it might be possible that the fixtures are just defective as well as other possibilities.

A sewer line clog is a complex problem and requires a professional plumber for it to be fixed. Some household owners are using drain cleaner products to solve a sewage blockade problem–it’s not really effective and may possibly damage the pipes. Certain drain cleaner solutions contain harsh chemicals that accelerate corrosion in pipes.