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4 Pipe Rehabilitation Techniques for Cracked Sewer Pipes

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Sewer issues are every homeowner’s nightmare. May it be a water supply pipe issue or a sewer line problem, whenever there are problems in certain areas, the entire system is directly affected, the functions crippled and the probability of the lines becoming all throughout dysfunctional. To make things worse, most sewer pipe damage requires immediate costly repairs to the risk of environmental damage and health issues due to contamination. Luckily, digging is not really a necessary step to go about repairing the damaged parts. New methods have been developed over the years to insure pipes are repaired or fixed without the hassle of property destruction and other property damages that are necessary evil to the traditional technique.

Here are new pipe rehabilitation techniques that a homeowner can find to fix a damaged pipe with the use of modern technology:

  • Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is usually the best choice for homeowners whose pipes are damaged way beyond the capacity of a simple pipe repair or remedy. This method is especially reserved for pipelines that are scheduled to be replaced but the homeowners are looking into new avenues to go about the repair that could possibly do without the initial hassle and property damage the process usually entails.

The primary ingredient of this process is the bursting head. The tool is dragged through the damaged pipe using a cable that is promptly tied to a truck that has a winding mechanism to allow automatic dragging of the cable and the bursting tool. Along with destroying the damaged pipe, it is connected to the new pipe material to make the process simultaneous. Usually, the replacement material is a tad tougher and more reliable than the host pipe for added security to the sewer system.

  • Cured-In-Place Pipe

Cured-In-Place pipe is one of the modern methods that require very minimal amount of human interaction during the process. However, unlike the pipe bursting method, this technique is usually done for pipes that have little damage along its structure. Through this method, the cracked area will be efficiently repaired without having to dig the entire sewer line open. Interiors are patched up without the hassle of the traditional method’s property damage. After the procedure, a camera drone is sent down the line to make sure that the problem is remedied properly and without a hitch.

  • Internal Pipe Coating

This process involves a two-piece epoxy compound that is used to coat the inside of the pipe to make sure that the cracks are covered. A thick mixture of epoxy is sprayed to the interior that will seamlessly seal away any cracks, prevent leaks and, since it uses the same epoxy compounds and materials as other epoxy solution causes, this will give you the solution that will last throughout the years.  

  • Pull-In-Place Pipe

Most plumbing problems would use internal pipe relining as a solution to be practical without sacrificing the quality of the outcome. The liner used in this process is a two-part epoxy which makes the process run smoother and the results better than using a new pipe as a repair material. This solution is indeed an answer that will last for generations to come.