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4 Problems that Can Be Addressed with Pipe Relining

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Apparently, pipe rehabilitation methods are used to repair any pipe issues that could impede and delay its operation. On the other hand, some repair method can only fix one pipe problem. However, for pipe relining method, you are guaranteed that almost all of the cracks, obstructions, leaks, root problems etc. can all be repaired in one operation.

Pipe sagging

When it comes to conveying huge volume of sewage and wastewater, the most important factor our pipe should have is a sturdy structural integrity. However, when you have sagging pipes, this kind of pipes will make a hollowed portion within the pipe which will a good location for the build-up to begin. As wastewater and sewage continue to pass through sag pipes, these wastes will start to block the pipe system. For a problem like this one, pipe relining method can be very helpful. The lining used in the method is much sturdy in contrast to those  PVC pipes. Lastly, the operation uses an epoxy finish that increases the flow capacity and averts build-up from happening again.

Blocked sewer pipe

Even to those fully maintained  sewer pipes system, obstructions are inevitable to happen. Most of the time, the reason  of build up is due to sediments and minerals that come along with the water. Aside from that, if grease and solid waste pass through the pipeline, they may no longer reach their they destination for these substances will just stick to the wall of the interior pipe and obstruct the flow of water.

Damaged sewer pipe

Our pipes will certainly obtain damages due to dangerous factors.  As the day pass by, the stress and the weight that the pipe experiences increases. This kind of situation decreases the efficiency and structural integrity of the entire pipe system which will result in its own damage. If you have a broken pipe, it would be best to have them reline and force them to operate and allow sewage and wastewater to seep out of the pipe that could pose harm to the surrounding soil. Keep in mind that relined pipes are much stronger to those regular pipes.

Root intrusion

Root intrusion is one of the major sewer pipe issues that needs an immediate attention. First of all, this kind of problem occurs when you’ve planted your trees near your sewer system. Since the roots have the capability to grow lateral to the sewer lines. Since roots need nutrients to develop, they’ll try to seek for  an area until they reach your sewer system which is abundant with the aforementioned. As they located the system, they will look for holes and cracks where they can get in. Over time, these holes become bigger until sewage and wastewater begin to gush out of the system. Furthermore, the roots will develop and stretch within the pipe. The worst part about this is that when the roots find it’s way to the neighbouring pipes.

As a solution to this major problem, it’s best to have your pipe relined than to be extracted. Opting for pipe relining operation doesn’t just solve root intrusion problems but it could also mend those holes and cracks caused by the roots.