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4 Reasons to Consider Sewer Camera Inspection

sewer-pipe-cameraAdvanced technology and equipment have now developed and its emergence has been providing us with a helping hand in order for us to have a convenient maintenance procedure. Along with the maintenance procedure homeowners are required to perform are the potential that workers might risk their health. This is applicable especially on plumbing mechanisms that are not only nasty but are hard to reach and access as well. Sewer lines carry harmful wastes and materials from residential areas and commercial building which should not be in contact with human because this can pose serious health threats. When it comes to its maintenance, it is good to have an alternative. People and experts nowadays have been using the closed-circuit television or best known to be CCTV camera to do the inspection of the sewer lines without direct contact with the wastes it carries. Here are some of the reasons why you should utilise CCTV inspection on your sewer lines.

1. Safe

We can never deny it but when workers enter sewer lines to inspect them, it is really a danger to them and to their health. That is why most countries have a specific department that is strict when it comes to the rules and regulations to workers doing this task. Though you can personally see the current condition of your sewer lines, it will never guarantee your safety and your health as well. The emergence of a sewer camera inspection has been such a prospect to many plumbers and workers, even to homeowners. This offers a safe sewer line inspection because when you utilise this, you can still personally see the current condition of your sewer lines without being in direct contact with the wastes it conveys. Aside from that, this tool is handy enough to be used on pipes of various sizes, even those with small diameter that are hard to access and enter. This option would be very convenient without being afraid from being contaminated with the harmful wastes and poisonous gases within the system.

2. Adaptable and Flexible

Sewer cameras are trustworthy when it comes to looking for a wide range of sewer line problems and catastrophes. This is very helpful in locating sewer damages and clogs that are the primary causes of flushing unsuitable materials such as napkins, toiletries, hygiene products, food leftovers and yard and garden debris. This can be used to maintain your sewer line with convenience. Aside from that, sewer camera inspection is never hard to perform as the camera is very handy and can be used for many purposes. When you want to inspect your sewer lines and you try to hire a company that performs it, make sure to look for the following benefits:

● Durability – the sewer camera used in performing the routinary inspection must be durable enough to resist the stresses caused by the harmful wastes, poisonous materials and substances they could encounter within the system. The device used by the company must be waterproof, portable and lightweight.

● Agility – the camera used in the operation must have this necessary feature that lets you see each angle of the interior of your sewer lines so you can see everything in it.

● Customisation – the device must have an interference features enabling you to take pictures, language and data.

● Range – the battery and the device itself must have a long life so nothing would interfere you in the operation.

3. Accurate

Sewer cameras will send you live footages and pictures enabling you to personally see the current condition of your sewer line. Clear visuals, images, videos and multiple perspectives are available which will give you an accurate report of your sewer lines condition with the appropriate solution on how can you solve it. No other alternative will give you such accuracy when it comes to the maintenance and inspection of your sewer lines.

4. Efficient

Today, this new inspection method provides footages and live records and reviews of whatever is seen within your sewer lines and it can even record up to several days. Aside from that, various kinds and sorts of sewer cameras are available for you to choose from.

● Crawler cameras – these cameras might be the most influenced by technological advancements and are the safest way ever. They will be inserted into your sewer lines and it will be controlled by a remote. The operator does not have to stay within the sewer’s opening but he can stay in the control station.

● Push cameras – this type of sewer camera needs to be shoved in the sewer laterals so it could record everything within the sewers. The advantage of this type of camera is its capability to fit even on small diameter pipes while other cameras can’t.

● Pipeline inspection gauge – this camera type has the ability to check sewer lines without flow intervention. The recorder should be mounted to a cleaning gauge and should be linked to the interface of the operator.