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5 Obvious Signs of a Broken Pipe

Plumberstives Broken Pipe

There are numerous occasions where a pipe can and actually do gain problems during the course of the day it is being utilised. What makes things worse is that the damage is seldom hard to spot since most of the residential plumbing pipes are located below the ground. The best case scenario is that you notice wet patches along your ground and you are equipped with the proper knowledge to diagnose what is happening to your pipelines. Worst case scenario, and what usually happens, is that you do not notice the damage in its early stages thus, the problem is brought to your attention when it is the very thing threatening the entire plumbing system. To help you in that matter, here are the signs that you should look for to be able to tell if your pipes are experiencing damage:
1.High Water Bill

When you have been a homeowner for a long time, you already have established certain standards and routines in the house. Sometimes, you can even already set the budget of your electricity and water bills since you already know the range or amount of water you use in a month. Now, when the usage habits remain the same but the bill rises to an unnatural amount, this is the perfect time to investigate the welfare of your pipes. During this time, you might be paying for water you did not use and that is a waste of money. Not to mention that the excess water that goes to the environment is wasted and does nothing in aid for water conservation.
2.Water Supply Shortage

When you have a broken pipe, the water supply gets a hard time reaching the tap since the connections could be broken. However, you have to be wary of the solutions that you use since it is not all the time that a water supply shortage indicates a broken pipe. There are times, especially when the whole neighbourhood is experiencing the problem, that the defect lies on the shoulders of your local water company. So, to avoid misjudgements and undue ruckus, make sure that you have exhausted every possible cause and that you have pinpointed the main reason for this.
3.Foul Odour

If you are bothered by the foul and unpleasant smell that is coming from your drain lines, as tempting as pouring down a generous amount of chemical cleaners into the pipe, you might consider the possibility that the problem is caused by more than just a miniscule pipe damage and instead, it is because your pipe is broken and all your wastes are stuck deep in it and are starting to rot.

If you hear gurgling or bubbling coming from you drains, toilet boils or even in supply mains and taps, it is always a good measure to think the worst cases. This will help you prepare and think of the most efficient ways to clean up the problem. When your pipeline releases a gurgling noise this is probably an indication that there is a blockage big enough to choke it or there is a certain section in it that has completely broken, making all the supply and waste is carries spill and create a barricaded.
5.Banging and Clanking of Pipes

Pipes lose their initial sturdiness as they age. When you hear clanking and hitting sounds in your plumbing, it is best that you investigate the cause of it. Often times, the reason will be a broken and dysfunctional pipe. Since the pipes have weakened, their joints and the bolts that are holding them in place have more likely reached their maximum years of service making them unable to hold the pipes properly.