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5 Probable Causes of a Blocked Sewer Line

Plumberstives Blocked Sewer Line

Dealing with a blocked sewer line can be a pain in every homeowner’s vocabulary. The thing is that not everyone has the patience or the time to deal with them but you still have to. One very effective way in dealing with recurrent issues is through knowing the primary causes so you have a base to start with. There are numerous reasons that a sewer pipe can be blocked. Since this lines carry and transport wastes, there is no mystery why random objects can be found floating through the system.

In order to fix a damaged sewer line, all you have to do is pick up the phone and ask for help from your local plumber service provider. No matter what you do, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. A sewer problem is beyond the fixing capacities of an average homeowners or even an avid do-it-yourselfer.
Here are probable causes of a sewer pipe blockage:
1.Collapsed Pipe

There are countless reasons that a pipe could collapse but this is one of the causes of a blockage inside the pipe. When a part of the pipe collapses, you can bet that this will totally hinder the flow of wastes from the residential building into the sewers. As a result to this, the homeowner will have to deal with the blockage and eventually, a sewer backup or overflow will happen. The two scenarios do not have anything good to bring to the community. In fact, these can cause health issues and waterborne diseases.

The situation of the mud is a lot like a build-up of materials in the sewer lines. There is a tendency that the mud will get into the sewer through different entry points and it does not always have to be a broken or leaking pipe. Mud and other bio waste decays cannot be broken down by water which means that these materials are more likely to stay inside the sewers and accumulate over time than get flushed down the drain. To avoid this situation, clean out your gutters and drive way drains.
3.Narrow Drain Lines

When the sewer line is using a very tiny pipe, it is expected that the sewer will indeed have a blockage. In residential or personal sewer lines, it can be forgiven of the homeowner does not use an overly large pipe line but for the industrial sewers, the pipe should have the capacity to hold the possible load of the whole community plus allowance in case the population rises or other scenarios require the need for one such as rains and storms.
4.Root Infestation

This is another recurrent and very annoying problem for homeowners. Root intrusions can happen in any sewer line. They are more common in residences that have vegetative bodies planted in the lawns and gardens. There are species of trees and shrubs that are aggressive and harmful to the sewer lines while there are also those that are not. Research and planning can totally eliminate this issue.
5.Grease Accumulation

Grease accumulation is caused by overlooking what goes down the drain and the lack of drain maintenance. FOG can stick into them creating a blockage that is very hard to remove because of its strong hold on the interior wall. One sure way of solving this problem is to use a hydro-jet water hose.