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The 7 Major Benefits of Using PVC Materials for Sewer Line

using pvc materials for sewerline

PVC and other plastic materials are usually used as the main composition for pipe materials. It has a wide variety of application from water lines to sewer lines. In this article, we’re going to talk about the main benefits of using PVC . We’re also going to take a look on why it’s more used in modern pipe lining than other materials.  

  1. The material is tough itself

Pipe materials used in the past were made of heavy metal like galvanised steel and cast iron. These were used since they were extremely durable. Despite their durability, these pipes aren’t able to attain their projected lifespan because they corrode fast. PVC pipe materials may be made of plastic but they’re still competitively durable.    

  1. Long lifespan

As mentioned earlier, a few pipe compositions won’t last long due to corrosion and only have medium serviceable years. One of the main reasons why PVC is used for many pipelines (especially sewer lines) is due to the fact that it can reach 40-100 of usage years.

  1. Cost-effective material

Considering the long service years and durability of PVC; it’s no surprise the material is considered cost-effective. Not only that, it’s also lightweight which makes its transportation very easy. Of course, the easier and lighter the material being transported; the lesser the expense.

  1. Faster installation than most pipes

PVC can be easily cut which means the installation time is reduced. Other pipes take a lot of time to be moved and cut due to their extremely thick composition and heavy weight.   

  1. It’s very flexible

One of the special features of PVC pipe material is its flexibility. There are other pipe materials that are supple but what makes PVC truly unique is that it has a good mix of flexibility and tensile strength. You can rarely find the combination of those two features in pipe materials. Because of its durability and flexibility, installing a PVC pipe on high tension areas like road traffic is possible and has low consequences.  

  1. Joints are watertight and prevent pipe problems like leakage  

Another advantage of using PVC pipes is that its joints’ are watertight. This is a handy feature that can help avert common pipe problems which is pipe-joint cracks. Joints are key parts of a pipeline and it’s also prone to breakage. It’s important to have a dependable pipe material to avoid joint problems as much as possible.     

  1. A completely safe material to use

One of the most important considerations when using a pipe material is its safety. There are some pipes that contain a lot of harmful chemicals. The workers and the people living near the work site can become ill after being exposed to such dangerous compounds. Not only that, after the pipe has outlived its usefulness; it can be dispose in landfills and release chemicals that are harmful to the environment. PVC doesn’t suffer from such problems since it doesn’t contain toxic substances that pose serious health risks —  and damage to natural habitats.